Company Profile

Company Name JAC Co., Ltd.
Established April 26, 1995
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Member of the Board (CEO) Yoshiki Mano
Member of the Board (Chairman) Itsuko Mano
Member of the Board (Executive Vice President) Yoshihiro Kikuchi
Member of the Board (Executive Vice President) Mitsuru Saegusa
Member of the Board (Senior Managing Director) Takayuki Momoi
Auditor Keiichi Takasawa
Fiscal Year End February
Number of Employees 84 (as of May 2020)
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ISO9001 ISO14001

  • Contracting of construction works (dismantling, public engineering, building construction, and similar other works)
  • [Miyagi Prefecture Governor License No. 15679]
  • Acceptance of industrial waste (concrete, asphalt, debris) for intermediate treatment and sales of recycled aggregates (RC40, etc.)
  • Static crushing [Miyagi Prefecture License No. 0421059553]
  • Resource recycling of industrial and general waste
  • Contracting of crushing work conducted at a factory site
  • Mobile crushing [Miyagi Prefecture License No. 0421059553]
  • Soil improvement, design and execution of soft soil and sludge solidification, and intermediate treatment of sludge
  • Mobile granulated solidification [Miyagi Prefecture License No. 0421059553]
  • Design and execution of wood chip reuse
  • Provision of software related to environmental conservation and software user training
  • Specialized equipment division
  • Development, manufacturing, repair, sales, rental, and second-hand sales of specialized equipment
Main Bank Ishinomaki-Shinkin Bank, The 77 Bank, Ltd.

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