Message from the Representative

People can always grow through other people and work. Business becomes viable when we do people a service through work and make them feel pleased. We cannot grow if we are committed only to work in a self-centered way.
I believe that we can be called true professionals only if we engage in business in a manner that pleases our business partners and work colleagues.

I also feel that emotional connection is always most important and precious for working.
Always behave in a way that shows kindness to, concern for, understanding of, consideration of others and that is considerate of their feelings. I believe that such behavior will allow us to demonstrate the greatest ability and to work in a way that suits us.
I actually felt this while working with employees in various situations in everyday life.
Although I am now in a different position, compared to those days, I want to continue to be able to listen to the voices of employees on-site, immediately notice their needs, and quickly support them.

Through our environmental business, we have created a new system that connects people to the Earth, expands individual value, and delivers valuable things, rooted in local communities and taking advantage of regional characteristics, to consumers. We call this unique system the “sixth industrialization,” with recycling as the starting point. Adding cooperation between regions, people, and companies as one more element, we have named this system the “seventh industrialization” of recycling. Through the system, we will continue to take on the challenge of multifaceted innovation and connect to the next generation as a valuable company that goes beyond recycling.
Based on the idea of becoming a company where people can grow, we will create a company where employees can always grow through their work, not taking over business for form’s sake but fully demonstrating their individuality, and which has emotional connections with others, while getting deeply involved with employees and continuing to be grateful to others. We will seek to further develop our company without reconciling ourselves to the current situation.

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